Hello everyone.

Since Overheard And Rendered as a recording label is no longer
active, this website remains for posterity sake.

Please note that all of the releases in the OAR catalog are either
out of print or unavailable at this time.

Thanks to everyone for their support over the years.

Best Regards,
Dale Lloyd

Shown below are the discographies for both Overheard And Rendered & æ, which are historically linked.
catalog number: OAR8
artist: R.S. PEARSON
title: Antiquity Historicity Fairy Day Linger
format: CDR
status: out of print
This is a short collection of solo keyboard works (no multi-tracking or overdubbing) that could be
best described as 'music for little make-believe worlds'. Music that seems to be well suited for
animated films, puppet shows, and other fantasy worlds.

"One evening, while Pearson and I were watching animated films by Larry Jordan, I turned the
sound off and replaced it with random selections of Pearson's recorded work. It was uncanny how
perfectly the music fit with the films. I knew they would, because from the first moment I heard
Pearson's music, I thought of Jordan's films."  (Dale Lloyd)
catalog number: OAR5
artist: DALE LLOYD
title: Know Random Events
format: CDR
status: out of print
The entire work of which only several parts were made available online at Tiln Digital Diffusion.
A first foray into composing a full-length work in an academic electroacoustic style. The title is
partially in reference to the concept of "mindfulness" in general and as a way of composing and
listening to music.
catalog number: OAR4
artist: DASL ~ ZEN TREAD
title: untitled
format: CDR
status: out of print
DASL ~ Zen Tread was a project of Stuart Arentzen and Dale Lloyd (of Lucid and After The Flood) and this self-titled debut release is a bit of an engima. Seeming to capture and present astonishing sonic phenomena not normally heard and/or fleeting moments spent at various classified operations not normally known about by the general public. A completely different direction for Lloyd and Arentzen than their previous groups and projects, perhaps a reflection of the times - during the advent of the internet, personal computers, expanded research and communications.

"At first, I must say that this album was challenging to me; indeed, although I'm more and more
interested in experimental music, I still consider myself a novice: DZT is certainly the most
experimental album I've ever been exposed to.

Thus, after I first heard the entire record, I was kind of puzzled and didn't  know what to think.
However, I was intrigued and definately felt the need to put the record on again. Which I did, and
now after a few days, I couldn't tell you how many times I've listened to DZT. The music has grown
on me. I'm not puzzled by it anymore. My favorite thing is that each listening is different; I always
discover something I had not heard before.

What's more, for some reason, the album as a whole makes me think of the soundtrack to 2001: A
Space Odyssey by Stanley Kubrick. It's soundtrack has moments of absolute silence (when the
astronauts float into space), suddenly broken by moments of industrial noise and intense
breathing (back into the spaceship). DZT has pushed the same concept so much further. It is

At times, everything sounds incredibly cold and noisy, but the minute after, it becomes excessively
beautiful (naturally beautiful...). The contrast between the last two tracks VE225 and EDD544 is the
perfect illustration of this and the whole experience is fascinating. I'm very excited by this perspective. So, yes, I now can say it: I LOVE this album! DZT is music for the future." 
(F. Molin, France, 2000)
catalog number: OAR3
artist: LUCID
title: Magnabella
format: CDR
status: out of print
This fourth release of Lucid is a departure of sorts due to it being composed primarily of futuristic
(yet antiquated) 'musique concrete' pieces by Stuart Arentzen and Dale Lloyd. Although there are no
songs on this release, there is a spoken word piece (Durstat) featuring Rebecca Bird, toward the
end of the album. Rebecca also provides vocalizations on the track titled Soma Liva. This release
can be described as a "film for the ears".
catalog number: OAR2
artist: LUCID
title: Aurora Sunder
format: CDR
status: out of print
This is Lucid's third release. Overall, a more spacious and ambient release than the previous efforts. While the feel may, at times, seem somewhat somber, it also continues to display Lucid's subtle sense of humor; for example, there is a  mini trilogy entitled "Still, He Waits.." which is in reference to group member Stuart Arentzen's (now deceased)  cat, Orpheus, who has been known to sit vigilant with steely resolve, by his (empty) food dish for quite a long time, all the while keeping his gaze fixed on his human companion and kibble source, "Stuie".  Aurora Sunder seems to cinematically play out a child's vivid dream world, from the hypnogogic awakening of "The Invisible Bright" to the early morning post sleep ponderings of "Green Blood Wakes"; and then concluding with more thoughts invoked by the previous night's dream ("Three Shades Of Day") to a revelation that perhaps the previous night's dream was not a chimera after all ("Clarion"). "The most ethereal release by Lucid. And maybe my favorite (until next one?). Each track seems to be a different part of one long dream. It's amazing to see that although the album is quite varied (so many moods!) it nonetheless flows very naturally; it has a real continuity.

"Another important quality is without a doubt, the originality (as always with Lucid). I can't think of any
other album that sounds like Aurora Sunder. From the dreamy 'Luminous' to the moody 'Clarion',
there's a whole world of poetry. The voices of Rebecca Bird and Mishka are unique and definately
add a 'je ne sais quoi' (mystery?) to Lucid.

What's more, there's an inherent sense of humor to this release: the Mark Taylor-Canfield (or
should I say Canfield-Taylor?  :-))  joke is hilarious. It's also the proof that Lucid can cover
indefinate sonic territories: from melancholy to pure fun.

Then one could wonder how to describe Aurora Sunder; is it ambient, classical, avant garde, or
electroacoustic? who knows...it is Lucid, it is beautiful and it fills me with joy..."  (F. Molin, France, 2000)
catalog number: OAR1
artist: DALE LLOYD
title: Like Ullyses
format: CDR
status: out of print
Dale Lloyd's first solo album usingr his own name was released by Overheard in the USA and in Europe by Staalpllat's Open Circuit imprint. The piece has since been re-worked a number of times and given a new title with the intention of releasing it on CD sometime in the future.
catalog number: AE6
title: After The Flood 2
format: CD x 2
status: out of print
catalog number: AE5
artist: PRAM
title: Gash
format: CD
status: out of print
catalog number: AE4
artist: PRAM
title: Music For Your Movies
format: CD EP
status: out of print
catalog number: AE3
artist: LUCID
title: Idylls And The Secret Remain
format: CD
status: out of print
catalog number: AE2
title: After The Flood
format: CD
status: out of print
catalog number: AE1
artist: LUCID
title: Baby Labyrinthian
format: CD
status: out of print
This is the second release of Lucid. Murky visions of secret gardens, childhood reveries, mystical journeys and imaginary bugaboo's? Perhaps, but as always, the listener can decide for themself where the sounds and music takes them.
The first enigmatic release by Lucid. It begins with "A Question" and continues with answers (like
"Entrust Not In The Illusory" and "Open Your Eyes, Now Open The Door") that lead to even more
questions. Lucid's music can be described as a unique dream-like blend of genteel musique
concrete-oriented songs and instrumentals. The instrumentation ranges from traditonal
instruments to toy instruments, found objects, and discovered sounds.