Search Ensembles is a recording project initiated by Dale Lloyd.

Search Ensembles" is a play on the term "search party" (or parties) which
means:"a group of people conducting an organized search for someone or
something lost or hidden." One reason why the word "ensembles" was chosen
over "ensemble" is because the project, albums and tracks feature more than
one "ensemble". Sometimes a track only features one person.
Search Ensembles (so far):

Alan Courtis, Cedric Peyronnet, Cyril Herry, Dale Lloyd, David Tobin,
Eric Lanzillotta, Jani Hirvonen, Jon Tulchin, Katerina Nejepsova, Loren
Chasse, Mark Reynolds, Melanie Velarde, Michael Northam, Mike
Hallenbeck, Patrick McGinley, Petr 'Pedro' Tuzar, Phil Legard, Slavek
Kwi, and Stuart Arentzen.
The first album published by and/OAR
Those interested in getting involved can learn more here.
The second album published by either/OAR