Artist: Five Elements Music
Title: Green Noise
Catalog Number: and.p36
Release Year: 2009 / 2018
Format: WAV / AIFF / FLAC / MP3 / Etc.
Status:  Available
Track List:

01. [untitled]
02. [untitled]

Green Noise is a mysterious and deeply contemplative two part soundscape
work that utilizes a mixture of elemental field recordings and blankets of vague
hovering drones. The title appears to refer to the sound of wind blowing through
trees, and perhaps has some ecological overtones as well. Aesthetically, the
cinema of Andrei Tarkovsky comes to mind.

Five Elements Music is a project of Russian sound artist "[s]" who is also
involved with a project called Exit In Grey. The project name references the
Vedic philosophy of five elements (air, fire, water, earth and ether).