Artist: Christopher DeLaurenti
Title: Found Soundscape: C-SPAN Presidential Inauguration, January 20, 2009
Catalog Number: and.p34
Release Year: 2009
Format: MP3
Status: Not Available
Track List:

01. C-SPAN Presidential Inauguration, January 20, 2009

A found soundscape culled with no internal edits captured from CSPAN
by Christopher DeLaurenti immediately after the presidential inauguration of
Barack Obama on January 20, 2009. Despite sounding mostly mono, slight
variations in phase and amplitude make this a stereo file. The first in a
series of raw, panoramic soundscapes heard in and winnowed from
everyday life.

Christopher DeLaurenti is a Virginia-based composer, improvisor, and
phonographer. A new music rabble-rouser, he has also written music
reviews and articles for several publications.
Disquiet  (April 2009)
Sound artist and composer Christopher DeLaurenti is becoming the Studs
Terkel of silence. He’s best known for his recordings of symphony halls in
between concert performances, when the musicians are tuning their
instruments and, occasionally, playing brief melodic phrases either solo or
in spur-of-the-moment groupings ( If Terkel set the standard
for documenting the world in the original voices of his interviewees,
DeLaurenti deserves credit for his dogged documentation of the presumed
silences in human interaction — recordings of passing sounds that he
frames, thus allowing them to tell their own stories.

Among his recent discoveries is a 40-minute soundscape “captured from
CSPAN,” the cable channel dedicated to broadcasting the U.S. government
in action — or, as DeLaurenti shows, also inaction. The track was recorded
following President Barack Obama’s inauguration, and in it you can hear
helicopter noise, the mumbling of bureaucrats, and a crowd consumed by its
ebullience (MP3). The track, “Found Soundscape: C-SPAN Presidential
Inauguration, January 20, 2009,” was released earlier this year as a free
download on the and/OAR label.