Artist: Lasse-Marc Riek
Title: One Hour As Trees In Finland
Catalog Number: and/47 / OHA 2
Release Year: 2016
Format: CD
Status: Sold Out

Track List:
01. Crown
02. Crown
03. Crown
04. Crown
05. Crown
06. Trunk
07. Trunk
08. Trunk
09. Trunk
10. Trunk
The second release in the new sub-series called "One Hour As..." based on
Ben Green's radio program of the same name on Resonance FM, which
aired between 2002 and 2004.

Recorded in 2007, this release presents exterior and interior sonic
perspectives of trees being blown by wind in Alajarvi, Finland.
Not only a meditation upon a very important part of the terrestrial ecosystem,
but a normally hidden insight into the realm of living intelligent trees.

Includes an essay written by Stefan Militzer who wrote text for Lasse's
"Harbour" CD (released by Herbal International).

Apart from listening to the track order as presented, playing the album in
shuffle mode on the CD player is also recommended.

This release is a super limited edition intended for 100 tree lovers.