Artist: Search Ensembles
Title: Search Ensembles
Catalog Number: and/46
Release Year: 2015
Format: CD
Status: Sold Out

Track List:
01. PT SK  2:05
02. DL DT  2:47
03. AC DL MN  2:29
DL JT  2:47
05. DL LC  1:40
CH CP  1:07
07. SK  1:08
AC DL JH LC SK  4:50
09. DL  4:42
DL DT MN  2:42
11. DL SA  3:52
DL JT PL  0:55
13. DL  5:11
14. PL  1:40
15. CH CP DL  5:50
16. KN SK  6:38
Search Ensembles is a new evocative project of and/OAR founder / operator
Dale Lloyd presenting "sonic archeology", unearthing forgotten and
previously unreleased recordings from project participants' archives, plus
new recordings to create a conceptually cohesive album. The name "Search
Ensembles" is a play on the term "search parties" which means: "groups of
people conducting an organized search for someone or something lost or
hidden." This first offering comes across as a collection of inexplicable field
recordings pointing toward a mysterious ancient past - of people around the
world, some of which we still know next to nothing about; some of which
were able to accomplish feats still not properly explained or replicated to this
day. After this first release, the intention for Search Ensembles is to continue
sonic explorations inspired by, and/or pertaining to various mysteries around
the world (and perhaps beyond).

For this release, Search Ensembles was:

Alan Courtis: field recordings
Cédric Peyronnet: field recordings, voice, objects
- Cyril Herry: objects, voices
Dale Lloyd: field recordings, objects, percussion, production, slide whistle,
- David Tobin: percussion, slide whistle, violin, voice
Jani Hirvonen: electronics
Jon Tulchin: field recordings
Katerina Nejepsova: flute
Loren Chasse: field recording, flute, percussion
- Michael Northam: field recordings
Petr 'Pedro' Tuzar: guitar
Phil Legard: banjo, drum, psaltry
Slavek Kwi: analog echo, banjo, monotar, percussion, tapes
- Stuart Arentzen: electronics

Search Ensembles website
The Free Jazz Collective (February 2016)  
* * * * 1/2  The Search Ensembles is a collaborative work, not so much a
working group as it is a concept where many people contribute recordings to.
Initiated by and/OAR founder Dale Lloyd, the Search Ensembles is a
collection of old field recordings and new studio recordings that are intended
to be sonic voyages to unexplored places, past and present, mysterious and
evocative. They are abstract field recordings, aural textures of alien fields and
landscapes that have traces of familiar tribal rhythms and beats, but any
direct recognizable influences are not discernible.

Contributors to this initial effort are: Alan Courtis, Cédric Peyronnet, Cyril
Herry, Dale Lloyd, David Tobin, Jani Hirvonen, Jon Tulchin, Katerina
Nejepsova, Loren Chasse, Michael Northam, Petr Tuzar, Phil Legard, Slavek
Kwi, and Stuart Arentzen. Some just provide the field recordings, others are
musicians. Listening to this reminds me of the abstract soundscape albums
of the '70s and '80s, African Head Charge channeled through F/i and early
Tangerine Dream. The rhythms are trance-like; haunting and with reverb. The
instruments - whistle, guitar, flute, banjo, percussion, electronics - are rarely
identifiable, the exception being the track “PL,” Phil Legard employing Robbie
Basho-like abstractions with his banjo, and “KN SK,” with Nejepsova’s
haunting flute and Kwi’s percussion.

What makes this album above average is its creative use of “found”
recordings, and mixing with electronics to create unusual and compelling
soundscapes. I am eager to hear more from this project. Recommended for
the sound adventurer.  (Stefan Wood)