Artist: Various Artists
Title: Compositions Using Field Recordings 1
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Track List:

01. Marcelo Radulovich: El Tumbito
02. Doug Haire: Follow The Prisoner
03. Shawn Wilbur: Hello: Second Nature Takes Over
04. Cornucopia: Colateralmente Destrozado
05. Anders Östberg: The Singing Room
06. Andrew Heyleck: Retired Water Tower In Morrisville, PA
07. Doug Van Nort: Prelude: Storm
08. Ben Owen: 8M3
09. Glenn Bach: Umbrellas, A Somber Parentheses
10. Edward Ruchalski: More Rain
11. Toby Paddock: Timestretch_A
12. Anode (Robert Carlberg): Fjölu
13. Quiet American: Callisthenic (An Excercise In Negative Space
14. Rod Stasick: Jotoah SRI-15
15. Marc McNulty: Instant Les Trajectoires
16. Heath Yonaites: No More Moon In The Water

This is the first of a series of compilations featuring sound work by discussion forum members.