Artist: Various Artists
Title: 5
Catalog Number: pho/5
Release Year: 2003
Format: CDR
Status: Sold Out

The fifth installment in the ongoing field recording compilation series for, which is a web site devoted to the art of field recording.

01. HEATH YONAITES: Expressway Overpass Girder
02. TOY.BIZARRE: KDI DCTB 053 [FR50] (Railway Station Static)
03. CHRIS KNAPP: Yoyogi On/Off
04. STEVE BARSOTTI: Trainyard Presence
05. JFREDE: Tarp Blowing In The Wind, Prague, Czech Republic
06. YANNICK DAUBY: Kiling Kelang
07. ERIC LA CASA: Moulin de l'Ecornerie (Mill Of Ecornerie)
08. DAVE KNOTT: Making Fire With Russ
09. JON TULCHIN: Fly Swarm
10. MNORTHAM: Ancient Sewer Pipe, Valletta, Malta
11. EDWARD RUCHALSKI: Coast Guard, Oswego Station
12. CLAUDIO CHEA: One Minute Eruption And Ground Static (Volcano Arenal,
Costa Rica)
13. S. ARDEN HILL: Snowfall In December (Recorded With Tinfoil)
14. GINTAS K: Invite Round For  A Cup Of Tea

Photos by Shimone Justes, Yannick Dauby, Stephen Fenton, and
Justin Orndorff.