Artist: Various Artists
Title: 4
Catalog Number: pho/4
Release Year: 2003
Format: CDR
Status: Sold Out

The fourth installment in the ongoing field recording compilation series for, which is a web site devoted to the art of field recording.

01. SCOTT TAYLOR Thames Canon 5/1/03
02. THE BEIGE CHANNEL: Coffee With Cat
03. ROBERT CARLBERG: Snug Harbor
04. K. M. KREBS: Jericho Sailing Center (Nautical Gamelan)
05. QUIET AMERICAN: Donkey Train Leaving Marpha, Nepal
06. SAW TRIGGE: Water And Wings
08. TOBY PADDOCK: Holly_Birds
09. ANDERS Ă–STBERG: Shortwave 1
10. CHRISTOPHER DELAURENTI: Railroad Storm Drain
11. ANDREW DUKE: Hoodratdance 2
12. MURMER: Buzzing Intercom, Gospel Oak
13. BEN OWEN: slp23
14. DALLAS SIMPSON: Bottledisposal
15. MIKE HALLENBECK: Guggenheim
16. MARK GRISWOLD: Philadelphia, 30th St. Station
17. GLENN BACH: Saturday Morning Basketball
18. OMNID: Science Center
19. ROBERT MILLIS: Blue Jeans Salesman, Weekend Market, Bangkok,Thailand

Photos by Theodore Kaye, Dale Lloyd, Justin Orndorff, and Yannick Dauby.