Artist: Various Artists
Title: 1
Catalog Number: pho/1
Release Year: 2001
Format: CDR
Status: Sold Out

The compilations were originally intended as a means to
share field recordings amongst the members of the list serv group called
"phonography". Later, a website was established, and more well known and
respected guests outside of the group were invited to contribute tracks. As the
compilations became more sought after by people outside of the group, an
effort was made to make them available on a wider scale. The compilations
represent a wide variety of approaches.

01. CHRIS KNAPP: Koi Feeding
02. YANNICK DAUBY: Bird Sanctuary
03. TOY.BIZARRE: kdi dctb 130
04. JON TULCHIN: Tree Creatures
05. MARCOS FERNANDES: April Showers
06. MARCELO RADULOVICH: Escalator At The San Diego Zoo
07. CHRISTOPHER DELAURENTI: Riding The 44 Back To Ballard
08. JEFF CAREY: Coal Train
09. YUKO NEXUS6: Mic In Refrigerator
12. AS11: Cleaner
13. DALE LLOYD: Old Snoqualmie Train Tunnel
14. ROD STASICK: Bituminoise