Over the course of 25+ years, Dale Lloyd has been a sound artist, publisher,
graphic designer, producer, musician, and visual artist. In 2001, Dale founded
and/OAR in order to support and publish artists involved with environmental
recording documents, sound art, avant-garde and electronic music. From 2001
to 2005, Dale produced the well regarded series of field recording compilations

Prior to 2000, Dale spent much time involved in some capacity with critically
acclaimed music groups, production projects, and recording labels revolving
around less conventional forms of pop/rock music such as Lucid, Cindytalk /
Bambule, Pram, Moonshake, My Diva, and After The Flood (a studio project that
worked with Cindytalk, Labradford, WIndy & Carl, Bowery Electric, Steve Ball
(formerly of League Of Crafty Guitar Players), Jeffery Taylor (of Climax Golden
Twins), Warren Defever (His Name Is Alive), My Diva, Marc Olsen / Sage, Sky
Cries Mary, John Massoni / Maxine, among others. And while a member of My
Diva performed live with groups such as Flaming Lips, Lush, Medicine, Sky
Cries Mary, Sage, Love Battery, Jessamine, Common Language, Maxine,
Bewitched (Sonic Youth spin off band), among others.

The sound work of Dale Lloyd has been released by labels such as and/OAR,
Overheard And Rendered, Alluvial Recordings, Elevator Bath, Bremsstrahlung
Recordings, Conv, Kaon, Sirr.ecords, Non Visual Objects, Sonic Arts Network,
Mu label, Mystery Sea, Petite Sono, S'Agita Recordings, Staalplaat / Open
Circuit, Leerraum, Tiramizu, Accretions, Psyclone, Phonography.org, æ, World
Domination / CZ Records, Praxis, Space Age Recordings, Shadow Puppet
Recording Company, Labile Music, Throat, and Sonicabal. Links to MP3 works
can be found on the "
WORKS" page of this site, and have been issued by 12k /
Term, EARlabs, Bremsstrahlung Recordings / Trans>parent Radiation,
Stasisfield, Tiln Digital Diffusion, and microsound.org among others.

Dale's sound work has been described in the following manner:

Dale Lloyd's ability to combine stark and heterogeneous elements to produce
something unique and engaging is strikingly apparent
"  (Furthernoise)

...beautifully cultivated microscopic detail and great assembling mastery...   ...
deeply penetrating music; there seems to be a sort of secretly predetermined
walk through progressively immaterial states as we move from sounds of glass
and water through clicks, hums and controlled feedback in preparation for what
expects us at the end, namely the semblance of a protracted blur of time
suspension, a framework where seemingly endless textural delights push the
compositions to the highest spheres of sonic meditation.
"  (Touching Extremes)

...music that pulls you in with a magnetic force."  (Ga-zeta)

...intoxicating soundscapes in which thunder, rain, birds and insects fuse
unconventionally with the eternal subsonics of a distant earthquake rumble in
waves whose depth is felt under the muscle tissue. One can only imagine the
painstaking process necessary to place every single attribute in the right light,
but such meticulous attention to detail pays high dividends, as the slo-mo
radiance coming out of the speakers throbs with vital resonance that's almost
painful to experience.
"  (Paris Transatlantic)

It’s clear a sensitive ear put the sounds together. Even the smallest of nuances
arrives weighted by intention. It seems he uses field recordings not as sound
objects themselves but more as a set of variables to extract a new world from,
to be mined for their transformable / interpretable qualities.
(Monk Mink Pink Punk)

Lloyd's mixing of different sounds and his subtle volume adjustments create a
truly rich and absorbing listening experience.
"  (Wind And Wire)

...Lloyd is reaching deep into his psyche to offer something not unlike a pearl
in his very own shell...  ...Lloyd is more a choreographer of the elements than a
straight shot musician...  ...a daydream inducing headtrip...  ...a sensual
meditation, cleansing your mind, eradicating the incidental; drenching it,
quenching it.
"  (Igloo)


1984: A member of jazz / rock trio
1984-86: A member of rock group Sound Color.
1989-90: A member of rock group Harem Scarem.
1989-91: Involved with recording projects Forever And A Day and Agra Mecca.
1989-98: Involved with recording project After The Flood.
1990-92: Involved with recording label Manna.
1990-93: A member of the rock group My Diva.
1993-01: Involved with the group Lucid.
1994-97: Involved with recording label æ  (AE).
1996-01: Involved with the recording project
2000-       Composed, released or performed sound work under own name.
2000-01: Involved with recording project
DASL- Zen Tread.
2000-01: Involved with recording label Overheard And Rendered.
2001-05: Produced field recording compilations for Phonography.org.
2001-       Involved with recording label (and mail order shop) and/OAR.
2002-       Involved with the Seattle Phonographers Union.
2014 -      Involved with recording project Search Ensembles.
2017: Involved with the group Evening Star.
2018 -      Producing the Muted Stories project compilations.