Track List:

01. Eric Cordier: Yperiau  20:06
02. Scott Sherk: Trains...  24:16

At long last, and/OAR presents the second of a series of limited edition
collections illustrating the various approaches to environmental sound art.
These collections allow for longer format works to be presented within a
multi-artist presentation. Also returning for the first time in five years is the
custom card stock insert packaging housed inside clear vinyl sleeves.

Yperiau, by French sound artist Eric Cordier, is a sonic exploration of the
lower regions of the Maison de Radio France in Paris, where its own power
plant is situated. The huge building is virtually a city within the city equipped
with recording studios, performance halls, a cafeteria, restaurant, clinic,
museum and gymnasium.

Scott Sherk is an American sound artist who recorded and edited sounds of
a train yard near Allentown, Pennsylvania. Some of the frequencies captured
proved to be a bit too intense for the microphone used to make the recording,
so certain sonic artifacts emerged as a result. Elsewhere in the piece, there
were some fine tuning of harmonics using a Max/MSP patch created by Scott.

This release is limited to 200 copies.
Artist: Eric Cordier / Scott Sherk
Title: Overheard And Rendered 2
Catalog Number: and/over2
Release Year: 2011
Format: CD
Status: Sold Out