Track List:

01. Maggi Payne: It's Elemental
02. Pali Meursault : Keleti Pàlyaudvar
03. Christophe Havard: Ouïe Ou Non!
04. Perri Lynch: Precisely Known Completely Lost
05. Emmanuel Mieville: Mort De La Phaléne *

*NOTE: The liner notes list an incorrect title for track 5.
The correct title should be "Le Cavalier King Charles".

The first of a new series of limited edition sound work collections illustrating
the various approaches to environmental sound art. These collections allow
for longer format works to be presented within a multi-artist presentation.

This release is limited to 100 copies.


Smallfish  (August 2006)
A wonderful 5 track CD with pieces contributed by Maggi Payne, Pali
Meursault, Christophe Havard, Perri Lynch and Emmanuel Mieville. Mainly
constructed from field / location recordings, it's a fascinating document
revealing a wealth of differing production techniques. From Payne's
completely untreated sounds which are free from layering or any type of
processing, through to a more constructed and arranged sound from the
other artists. An interesting narrative exists within each piece and, once
again, and/OAR proves itself to be an innovative and thoroughly excellent
label. Recommended.  (Mike Oliver)

Touching Extremes  (June 2006)
The thin line between acoustic pollution and insightful exploration is easy to
trespass, yet Overheard And Rendered is one of the finest compilations of
unprocessed field recordings in recent times. Environmental sounds have a
vocabulary of their own, but it's the composer/soundscaper who applies the
necessary touches to transform common hearing in artistic sensitiveness.
Focus and perspective are fundamental in all of these five pieces, which
exploit the attributes of simple elements and everyday's objects but also
disguised monstrosities: Pali Meursault's creation for power units and air
extractors in Budapest's railway station has some impressive sinister buzz
which one would never notice while traveling. And what about the
ever-emotional ship horns echoing in Perri Lynch's track? What this listener
means is that by isolating a sound - or a series of sounds - from its original
context, we can appreciate a whole new aural dimension that is the key to a
better appreciation of our own reality as perceptive human beings. Or - as
Emmanuel Mieville calls it in the liner notes - "oscillate from microcosm to
macrocosm" (and vice versa) will allow to better develop a personal
discipline that must necessarily include a change of attitude towards our
surroundings. (Massimo Ricci)

Artist: Maggi Payne / Pali Meursault / Christophe Havard /
            Perri Lynch / Emmanuel Mieville
Title: Overheard And Rendered
Catalog Number: and/over1
Release Year: 2006
Format: CDR
Status: Sold Out