Track List:

01. Live At Bars Des Oiseaux  43:43

The first release in the "and/live" series of an improvised laptop performance
recorded live at Bar des Oiseaux in 2001 during the Manke festival. A very nice
mixture of sparse moments with dynamic builds, crackling textures and drones
of various frequencies, created from environmental recordings and minimal
Artist: Yannick Dauby & Christophe Havard
Title: Live At Bar Des Oiseaux
Catalog Number: and/live 1
Release Year: 2002
Format: CDR / WAV / AIFF / FLAC / MP3 / Etc.
Status: Sold Out / Download available via and/camp
Ear / Rational   (April 2004)
Ultra-subtle location recordings - I turn the stereo up loud and hear wind, a
little buzzing. A little frying, something falls. I forget about it and my room is
still interesting. A little scraping and I forget again. Tones come and go, this
is much more than plain field recordings. I can sense emotion and
something building, sounds seem placed and an order is being made. The
subtle sounds and crunchy bits make me feel like my legs are being eaten
by termites. This would fit in with the RLW type of releases. Minimal use of
sound creating a very large impact on the environment and because it
doesn't hold your attention, it is perfect.  (Don Poe)

Vital Weekly  (October 2003)
You will have to excuse me for the delay of this review, but somehow,
somewhere, this release was misplaced in the Vital HQ (humho), but a
review is never too late. The recording is almost two years old and is
described on the cover as an "improvised laptop duet" - actually I saw this
only after I had heard it. I swear it was a combination of the good old laptop in
combination with someone producing electroacoustic sounds, amplified tin
foil, screws and bolts, combs: that sort of thing. Well, maybe they were on the
laptop as original sound sources. In the course of forty-three minutes, things
unfold only a very slow rhythm - a gentle moving glitch (as opposed to
glitches), almost inaudible passage and whatever software they are using: it
is hardly to be recognized. Maybe it's just two guys playing their finished
soundworks and nothing is improvised? It certainly sounds like it. I am sure
not many improvisers would agree with me here, but saying something
sounds like it's composed, while it's actually improvised is probably an insult
to the rigid improv minds. But I rather see it as a compliment. Only at certain
times, this sounds improvised, but for the better part, it sounds like a well
planned thing. Either way: it doesn't matter. The result is nice and that's what
counts.  (Frans de Waard)

Absurd - Absurdities #7   (March 2003)
and/OAR is a new cdr label by Dale Lloyd (if I am not mistaken), the first
release of which was Yannick Dauby's and Christophe Havard's encounter
that took place at the Bar des Oiseaux sometime in November 2001, and is a
subtle impressive minimal recording using the usual drones and
crackles/scratches, whatever, which flows in such a mood that I call it
adventurous, especially the last 15 minutes of which (in all is 43.45) turn to
be more lively as a kind of opposition to the previous half hour (?) that made
me like it very much. I suggest you listen to it at high volume as there's a lot
happening in the background, unfortunately I don't know much about
Christophe Havard but that was another installment to admire the work of
Yannick Dauby! And also curious for further releases of the and/OAR label as
well, I think that is more into field recordings or so genre.  (Nicolas Malevitsis)
(original cover of CDR release)