Track List:

01. C. Worth: A Small Kindness
02. Asher Tuil: MSS
03. Scott Sherk: Konxville Train
04. Loren Chasse: A Flocculence
05. Edward Ruchalski: Near Voices
06. Lucid: Some Thing, Some Another
07. Bruno Duplant: Figaro
08. selective listening: apart a part
09. Cédric Peyronnet: ingeos - k_004_Luna_4P - 2
10. Jason Kahn: Im Hof
11. Martin Kay: Conditioning Silence - A Sound Recording For The Living And The Dead (and/OAR edit)
12. Kenneth Kirschner: February 11, 2020
13. Olivia Block: Magnetic Remanence
14. John Hudak: Music Box Chicken Truck
15. Tomoko Sauvage: untitled
16. C. Worth: From Another Place
17. Guillaume Beauron: Enfoui(e)
18. Eric Lanzillotta: Whisps
19. Loren Chasse: Message From The Barrow Mine
20. Andrew Deutsch: Igloolik Inuktitut
Muted (adjective):To muffle, dampen, or soften the sound of.
Stories (plural noun):Narratives, either true or fictitious.Tales, shorter and less elaborate than novels.

Hard to believe but the Muted Stories CD has been 3 years in the making due in large part to numerous challenges causing delays - including the global pandemic situation of 2020 / 2021. However, perseverance finally bears fruit with this contemplative release presenting a variety of perspectives regarding the concept of "muted stories" - including a previously unreleased track from the 1990s by a recording project / group of and/OAR founder Dale Lloyd called Lucid. Since 2018, there have been four Muted Stories compilations issued via "and/CAMP", with a fifth and final one having also been recently released. Below is an explanation of the MS concept provided by Lloyd on the call-for-submissions web page for the project:

"One particular trait of music and older environmental / documentary recordings that has long fascinated me is sound quality lacking crisp high frequencies and/or 'state of the art' sound quality - especially when combined with unrefined, understated, pastoral, mysterious, and/or oblique compositional elements, which seem to convey moments or experiences overlooked by most people. I suspect the attraction to this kind of audio quality is partially an acquired fondness stemming from many years of needing to 'make do' with lower priced tapes, standard or sub-standard quality recording gear and make-shift multi-tracking techniques. Perhaps it's also partially in defiance of the common notion of you get what you pay for (i.e. cheap gear leads to less valuable results). Composer Steve Reich would surely tell you it's not a matter of having the right equipment, but what you and your musical imagination do with what you have that matters. I also feel part of the attraction stems from being reminded of older experimental film and documentaries which could be referred to 'muted cinema' (like Guy Sherwin or Derek Jarman's super 8 films). I would be remiss if I didn't mention some of the sound work by sound artists such as Delia Derbyshire, Eliane Radigue and Brian Eno having partially inspired the concept of this project as well."

Photography by Dale Lloyd.

PLEASE NOTE: Orders of the Muted Stories CD are eligible for a download code of any one of the five Muted Stories albums available only at and/CAMP. Please specify which one when placing your CD order.

Artist: Various
Title: Muted Stories
Catalog Number: and/49
Release Year: 2021
Format: CD
Status:  Available