Track List:

01. Forest Secrets (with frogs and owls)
02. Mapacho
03. Prayer
04. Whistling And Chakapa
05. Icaro 1 (with chakapa and whistling)
06. Icaro 2 (with tree frogs and chakapa)
07. Icaro 3 (with mosquitos and chakapa)
08. Icaro 4 (with rain, chakapa and rain stick)
09. Icaro 5 (with chakapa and rain stick)
10. Birds
11. Icaro 6 (with whistling and chakapa
12. Icaro 7 (with whistling)
13. Icaro 8 (with rattle, whistling and insects)
14. Whistling And Drum
15. Icaro 9 (with Paula)
16. Whistling And Rattle
17. Gracias
18. Forest Tale
Shushupe presents field recordings by Ralph Koper primarily pertaining to an
ayahuasca ceremony which took place on February 8th, 2006 in Iquitos, Peru
conducted by Norma Aguila Panduro Navarro (1944 - 2007) who was one of
the very few female ayahuasca shamans in the world. The entheogenic brew
known as ayahuasca (or yage) is made from the snake-like ayahuasca vine
and the chacruna leaf. The brew is used as a traditional spiritual medicine in
ceremonies among the Indigenous peoples of Amazonian Peru, many of whom
say that they received the instructions of its use directly from the plants or
plant spirits.

Shushupe is a Peruvian word for the bushmaster snake frequently
encountered as an anthropomorphized guide during ayahuasca-induced
visions and experiences into parallel realities that often take place during the
ayahuasca ceremonies. Also, the spirit of Ayahuasca is often seen as a snake
during visions.

This release mostly focuses on Norma Panduro's ceremonial music and the
sounds of the surrounding jungle. Norma's apprentice at the time, Paula Liebe
joined with the singing of one or two ceremonial icaros.

More about Norma Panduro can be found in the liner notes of the release.
Alas, there no longer appears to be much info about her on the internet like there
once was.

Ralph Koper is a field recording artist from The Hague, Netherlands. His main
interest is capturing the sonic / energetic atmospheres of ecstasy of various
cultures and nature. “I love it when elements, animals and sometimes people
come together and celebrate. The interactions in sound are unintentional
magical music.”  Apart from and/OAR, Ralph has also had his work published
or made available by 3Leaves, A Closer Listen and Sublunar Society. More of 
Ralph's recordings can be found here.

Artist: Ralph Koper with Norma Panduro
Title: Shushupe
Catalog Number: and/48
Release Year: 2016
Format: CD
Status:  Available