Track List:

CD 1:
01. Michael Northam: When Inaccessible
02. Jon Tulchin: Mnemonic Cartography
03. Yannick Dauby: Bruissements
04. Dale Lloyd: Resurrection In Midsummer
05. John Hudak: In The Dream
07. Kiyoshi Mizutani: Nicholai

CD 2:
01. Ronnie Sundin: Spegeln
02. Ven Voisey: We Were Young
03. Magali Babin: Petites Nostalgies
04. duul_drv: Staring Into The Field, Waiting, Travelling, Listening
05. Josh Russell: Objects
06. Phillip Pietruschka: Recondite Geometry
07. Sawako: Mirror
08. Logoplasm: Sacrifice

CD 3:
01. Andrew Chalk: Built By Miracle
02. Loren Chasse: Apparition For A Foundry Bell
03. John Grzinich: Return To Jägala
04. Radio Cegeste: For Shoring Up The Past, As Though With Timber
05. Asher: A Dark Gray Day
06. BJ Nilsen: The Stove And Chimney Will Stand Forever
07. Kassel Jaeger: Khari

At last, a triple CD re-issue of one of the most requested out-of-print
releases in the label back catalog.

Twenty one sound artists created work inspired by one of Tarkovsky's seven
feature length films. The first version of this release (and/10) was a two CDR
set issued in December, 2003 and it featured fourteen sound artists. This
version includes a third CD of new material plus new tracks by Magali
and Dale Lloyd, the latter of which features flute by Phil Legard (of
Xenis Emputae Travelling Band & Hawthonn), and field recordings by Cédric
(aka Toy.Bizarre, and founder of the Kaon label).

A 20 page booklet includes images by John Spell, Michael Northam and
Dale Lloyd), plus liner note text by Kim Cascone, Trond Trondsen of, Sally Ann McIntyre (Radio Cegeste), Michael Northam
and Diane Granahan (Nameless Sound, Ingenting Kollectiva, Invisible Birds
label and Art Of Memory blog).

The first version of this release was initially the first of three film director
projects published by and/OAR - the other two projects being Yasujiro Ozu -
Hitokomakura (and/26) and Michelangelo Antronioni - Trilogy And Epilogue

Below is feedback for the first version of AKOL:

"...nothing short of wonderful! I am an experimental filmmaker who has been
inspired by Tarkovsky as well as other European filmmakers -- a collection of
this sort is a salve for the weary spirit. There's nothing quite like dreaming
while being awake; these pieces are powerful in their simplicity -- they fire my


"I congratulate you and the other artists and crew who were involved with this
project. Job well done!"  (Patrick Steele  - Fatcat Filmworks)

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Artist: Various Artists
Title: Andrei Tarkovsky - Another Kind Of Language
Catalog Number: and/44
Release Year: 2015
Format: CD x 3
Status:  Sold Out