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As many who've long tread the waters of and/OAR already know, Artificial
Memory Trace
is none other than Slavek Kwi, and what we have here is a
much deserved CD re-issue of his seminal release of underwater
environmental recordings first issued on CDR via his Tentacles Of
Perception imprint in 2010. Re-edited and remastered for the occasion.
Prominently featured are underwater recordings of unidentified
gymnotiformes (a type of electric fish), plus other kinds of subaquatic fish,
insects, crustaceans and moving vegetation. The recordings were made in
Mamori, Amazonas, Brazil in November, 2009.

Gymnotiformes are mostly nocturnal fish that are capable of producing
electric fields for navigation and communication. The name "organfish" is not
a scientific term, but one invented by Slavek in reference to the sublime and
mysterious organ-like musicality of the sounds of electric fish, plus the term
is also in reference to the fish producing electrical fields from a specialized
internal organ called an "electric organ".

Slavek Kwi
is sound-artist, composer and researcher whose main interest
lies in the phenomena of perception as the fundamental determinant
of relations with Reality. He has been fascinated by sound-environments for
the last 30 years, focusing on electroacoustic sound-paintings. These
complex audio-situations are created mainly from site specific recordings,
resulting in subjective reports for radio-broadcast, "cinema for ears"
performed on multiple speakers, sound-installations integrated into the
environment and performances.

Since the early nineties Slavek has operated under the name Artificial
Memory Trace
, and also facilitates experimental sound-workshops with
autistic children and those with learning disabilities. The workshop
technique places emphasis on extensive listening and the stimulation of
creativity through observation and the support of natural tendencies.
Slavek Kwi was born in former Czechoslovakia, lived in Belgium for 14 years,
and then in 2000 moved to Ireland, where he is still located.

Mamori Sound Project was organized by Mamori ArtLab.
Special thanks to Asier Gogortza and Francisco Lopez.

Artist: Artificial Memory Trace
Title: Organfish - Electric Fish Songs From The Amazon
Catalog Number: and/43
Release Year: 2014
Format: CD
Status: Sold Out