Track List:

01. One Hour As A Plant  (1:02:02)

All of the sounds used in this composition were produced by recording the
bioelectrical field of a specimen of the peyote cactus (Lophophora
williamsii). A fascinating work that takes the listener into normally unheard

One Hour As A Plant was composed in 2003 for Ben Green's Resonance
FM program called "One Hour As...".
In 2005, Michael released a slightly
shorter version (57:57 versus 61:02) himself on CDR under the title "One
Hour As Peyote". After closely listening to both "OHA Plant" and "OHA Peyote",
it was decided that the 61:02 "OHA Plant" version would be released on CD.

This release will also be the first of a new sub-series called "One Hour As...".
The plan is to mostly present new environmental sound work based on Ben
Green's concept, plus a small number of works previously broadcast on the
program (like this release and another one released by and/OAR in 2006
called Bordeaux TNT  by Afflux).

"Michael Prime presents himself as a sound ecologist, a title that describes
his two passions: music and life. Active on the avant-garde music scene
since 1985, he gained a solid reputation playing in electronic ensembles like
Morphogenesis and Organum. Prime studied ecology and worked in that
field for many years, conserving wildlife habitats in South London. This work
led to the development of techniques used to translate environmental and
organic sound sources into music. He co-founded the live electronic
improvisation group Morphogenesis in 1985 with Roger Sutherland, Adam
Bohman, Ron Briefel, Clive Hall, and Fred Sansom and released a string of
records with them on Streamline, Paradigm, Vintage Electronic Records, and
his own label Mycophile. In 1988, he started performing with the group
Organum and released with them a 7" record for Les Disques du Soleil et de
l'Acier in 1989 and a string of CDs in the 1990s. He has collaborated with
such avant-garde luminaries as Jim O'Rourke and Eddie Prevost and
formed the group Negative Entropy in 1997 with Geert Feytons of
Noise-Makers Fifes."  (Fran├žois Couture - All Music Guide)

***Special thanks to Jerome Noetinger for helping to expedite this re-issue.

Artist: Michael Prime
One Hour As A Plant
Catalog Number:
and/42 / OHA 1
Release Year:
Sold Out