Track List:

01. Sama' 2 (Dawn)

This is the second of two recordings made in Taman Negara, Malaysia; but
this one was recorded at dawn. Although recorded in the same area, this
recording presents an almost completely different soundscape than the one
made at dusk, further illustrating the equally interesting and amazing
sonic diversity in this particular region.

"After a 4 hour boat trip into the jungle, we walked for about 1.5 hours to
reach the hide where we spent the night. As it got darker, it started to rain.
This then developed into a huge tropical rain. The recording was made
outside the hide, as the sun was setting. Throughout the recording, the rain
became heavier and eventually subsided, after which the jungle came alive
again."  - Jarra
Artist: Jarra
Title: Sama' 2
Catalog number: and/4
Release Year: 2002
Format: CDR / WAV / AIFF / FLAC / MP3 / Etc.
Status: Download available via and/camp

Vital Weekly  (April 2003)

This is the follow up to 'Sama 1', which was reviewed in Vital Weekly 343.
Made on the same trip to Malaysia, but now at dawn, while the sun is rising.
Jarra is awake early and outside the hide where he spent the night, he sits
there with his microphone and minidisc to record the events in the jungle.
Quite contrary to 'Sama 1', this is a much more minimal affair. In 'Sama 1' we
could hear the rain coming, which eventually grew into a large tropical rain.
Nothing here of that kind. The jungle comes alive after the night of rain and
we hear the insects, birds and other animals waking each other. "Sama 2' is
a very minimal work, that when superficially heard, is maybe one static work,
but when listened more closely is a very vibrant work. Small events happen,
sounds disappear as they rise, outbursts far away, of insects. It's not as
impressive as 'Sama 1', but once again Jarra proved to have a great pair of
ears to capture, in all it's simplicity, the sounds of the jungle. Great work of
soundscaping.  (Frans de Waard)

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