Track List:

01. Floating Parasomnia
02. The Enlightened Scapegrace
03. Obtuse Sensibility

"Dedicated to the anonymous & unknown."

Originally self-published as a very limited triple 3" CDR release in May, 2009,
Celer's Levitation And Breaking Points is now available again on CD - this
time limited to 300 copies. Surely one of Celer's most subtly beautiful and
uplifting albums out of an already beautiful, highly prolific and much
celebrated discography of work. Especially magical to listen to in the early
evening as the sunlight fades below the horizon... a balm for the soul.

Poetry by Danielle Baquet -Long.
Photography and cover design by Dale Lloyd.

Celer were once the wife and husband duo of Dani Baquet-Long and Will Long.

Danielle Baquet -Long (1982-2009) was a teacher of special education and
music therapy, a seasoned and published writer of poetry and prose, a
painter, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, also recording under the project
name of Chubby Wolf. She had an extensive background in Gender Studies,
Education, Basque History, Photography, and Tibetan Studies, as well as
having lived in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and the United States.

Will Long has also worked in education, and is a published writer of fiction,
non-fiction, and poetry, with degrees from two universities in English and
History, and with a background in Creative Writing, Philosophy, and
Literature. He is also an instrumentalist, interested in finding a meeting
place through music between the analog and digital world, through field
recordings, custom software, arrangements, and concepts. Will currently
lives in Tokyo, Japan, working in publishing, photography, music, and writing.
He manages the label Two Acorns, and handles all releases,
communication, and distribution of Celer and Chubby Wolf, also performing
live regularly as Celer, and collaborating with other artists.

During Will and Dani's time together, they produced numerous custom,
handmade self-released discs, sound for installations and art exhibitions, as well
as creating works for independent labels in North America, Japan, and
Europe. Their intent is producing works that reflect the nature of love, family,
and their concerns and interests, through a relative and absolute symposium of


Touching Extremes  (February 2012)
It takes just a few words to explicit our impressions in front of Levitation And
Breaking Points, re-released by Dale Lloyd’s and/OAR two years after the
original triple 3-inch edition. Describing the mere exteroception – as always
in corresponding circumstances – is an intention that ultimately results in the
typical fatuousness attached to any similar attempt when one listens to
uncrystallized masses of sound rich in shifts of imaginary harmonies and
ethereal chromaticity. Perhaps we could do better referring to “presence” and
“absence”, for these two opposites lie – here more than anywhere else in
Celer’s recorded output – at the basis of the pervading sense of noetic
improvement and corporeal liquefaction perceived during the protraction of
the experience (needless to say, this disc is a natural nominee for the
“infinite repeat” mode). The richness of psychological phenomenologies
remains the most valid point of discussion for this type of outing; both Will
and Dani Long worked in the ambit of music therapy, so they were probably
able to predict certain effects on a listener’s involuntary cognition since the
beginning. What the miserable reviewer must do in such a circumstance is,
once again, stressing the need of separating who operates in this area with
a background of genuine education and sentience from those who join the
bandwagon without having a clue about the grandness of these issues.
Celer were in search of truths while in exploration, and this record shows
their absolute commitment to orbiting towards spheres that – hypothetically –
any individual gifted with serious inner means and a modicum of volition can
reach. Especially by remaining silent.  (Massimo Ricci)

Igloo  (February 2012)
Originally released as three, single-track mini CDRs in a hand-painted
carton box, these long-form pieces show off Celer at its prime, masters of a
uniquely affecting ambient music that garnered the duo a standing among
critics and listeners it never relinquished. The rhythm of the ”all-inclusive” is
still there but it now pulses gently under the thin skin of the temples. The
drone is accordant but leavened with a nigh on undetectable atonal yeast.
Levitation is indeed achieved though the only breaking points occur between
tracks and even then are barely noticeable. Rather, the album is as smooth
and flawless as a fresh sheet of ice. It possesses a seraphic decorum that
makes you feel virtuous just by listening.  (Stephen Fruitman)

Artist: Celer
Title: Levitation And Breaking Points
Catalog Number: and/38
Release Year: 2011
Format: CD
Status: Sold Out