Track List:

01. Bamboo (Manoa)
02. Power Line Supports ('Aiea)
03. Blowhole (Kaena Point)
04. Fly Swarm (Makakilo)
05. Rain (Moanalua Valley)
06. Lone Frog In The Wind (Hau'ula)
07. Metal Tower On A Ridge ('Aiea)
08. Power Lines Blown In The Wind (Moanalua Valley)
09. Mynah Birds (Manoa)
10. Forest Creatures (Nu'uanu)
11. Light Tower Resonance (Manoa)
12. Thunderstorm (Makakilo)

Jon Tulchin's second release focuses upon various locations in O'ahu,
Hawaii. Jon is mostly interested in the more unusual, unnoticed, or unheard
aspects of the sonic world. There is definitely something here for everyone
who is interested in environmental recordings for one reason or another.

To accompany this release, and/OAR is offering a printable PDF map of
O'ahu pinpointing where each recording was made. If printed out, the map
can be folded and placed inside the gatefold insert that is a part of the
release which comes packaged in a DVD case.
Artist: Jon Tulchin
Title: Location Recordings: O'ahu
Catalog Number: and/2
Release Year: 2004
Format: CDR
Status: Sold Out (Re-issued as part of double CD edition in 2015)