This is a short collection of solo keyboard works (no multi-tracking or overdubbing) that could be
best described as 'music for little make-believe worlds'. Music that seems to be well suited for
animated films, puppet shows, and other fantasy worlds.

"One evening, while Pearson and I were watching animated films by Larry Jordan, I turned the
sound off and replaced it with random selections of Pearson's recorded work. It was uncanny how
perfectly the music fit with the films. I knew they would, because from the first moment I heard
Pearson's music, I thought of Jordan's films."  (Dale Lloyd)
catalog number: OAR8
artist: R.S. PEARSON
Antiquity Historicity Fairy Day Linger
format: CDR
status: out of print
l i n k s
f o r u m
c o n t a c t
m a i n