The self titled debut release from DASL - Zen Tread. DZT create
electro-acoustic soundscapes seeking new sonic discoveries drawing inspiration from different
branches of science and macro and microcosmic processes. DZT is a side project of Stuart
Arentzen and Dale Lloyd (both of Lucid and After The Flood).
"At first, I must say that this album was challenging to me; indeed, although I'm more and more
interested in experimental music, I still consider myself a novice: DZT is certainly the most
experimental album I've ever been exposed to.

Thus, after I first heard the entire record, I was kind of puzzled and didn't  know what to think.
However, I was intrigued and definately felt the need to put the record on again. Which I did, and
now after a few days, I couldn't tell you how many times I've listened to DZT. The music has grown
on me. I'm not puzzled by it anymore. My favorite thing is that each listening is different; I always
discover something I had not heard before.

What's more, for some reason, the album as a whole makes me think of the soundtrack to 2001: A
Space Odyssey by Stanley Kubrick. It's soundtrack has moments of absolute silence (when the
astronauts float into space), suddenly broken by moments of industrial noise and intense
breathing (back into the spaceship). DZT has pushed the same concept so much further. It is

At times, everything sounds incredibly cold and noisy, but the minute after, it becomes excessively
beautiful (naturally beautiful...). The contrast between the last two tracks VE225 and EDD544 is the
perfect illustration of this and the whole experience is fascinating. I'm very excited by this
perspective. So, yes, I now can say it: I LOVE this album! DZT is music for the future."  
catalog number: OAR4
artist: DASL ~ ZEN TREAD
title: untitled
format: CDR
status: out of print
l i n k s
f o r u m
c o n t a c t
m a i n