Johannes Dimpflmeier: untitled

Johannes Dimpflmeier: untitled
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For the first time ever, the work of this little known reclusive artist is being
released to the world on CD. Johannes was first brought to public attention
in the USA with an interview published by ND magazine in 1999. Before
then, his work was mostly known by a close circle of friends and students in
Italy and Germany. That being the case, the ND interview was a bit of an
anomaly, especially since he didn't really have a release to his credit apart
from a very rare self-published cassette which was not even mentioned in
the article. After the interview was published, no other release of his work
has surfaced until now.

The tracks on this CD were recorded between 2005 and 2006, yet the music
seems to have surfaced from another time - completely isolated from
influences of the current era. Dimpflmeier also seems to be an "assistant"
to the unique and arcane instruments that he helped manifest. As he has
stated, his instruments seem to be "autonomous - their own masters"...
However, that is not to say that it doesn't require a form of mastery to
successfully "collaborate" with such strange instruments (with names like
"Erede", "Onkel Kranius", "Bicordo Meditar", "Rotellie", "Incubophon", etc.

For those in need of references to compare this otherwise idiosyncratic
artist's music with, it can be said that those who enjoy so-called
"koschmische musik", BBC Radiophonic Workshop or Laurie Spiegel,
would also find this music fascinating as well.

Samples from this album and more info can be found here.

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