Punck: A Constant Migration [Between Reality And Fiction]

Punck: A Constant Migration [Between Reality And Fiction]
Label: Creative Sources
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Used item. Everything in "like new" condition. Comes with free copies of
Punck: Aube Noir business card CDR (published by AFE), and Punck: Mu
CDR (published by s'agita). Please note: an additional CDR burn of Mu will
be provided since the original CDR has shown signs of deterioration. If there
are any questions, please make contact before placing an order.

Adrianno Zanni: laptop, field recordings, found sound and sampling.

"This reminds me of the strange French habit of spelling "steak" with an extra 
"c": "steack" (they do the same with Franck, don't ask me why). There's nothing 
punk about Adriano Zanni's music though; instead of taking out that "c" you 
might want to remove the "n": this is more Puck, Midsummer Night's Dream 
rather than Never Mind The Bollocks, evocative and superbly crafted music for 
laptop and field recordings. It's also, unless I'm very much mistaken, pretty 
much composed – if Zanni can produce this kind of stuff live I want to see him 
– which I suppose also raises the question as to why it's on an improv label 
like Creative Sources (wouldn't it attract a little more attention if it were on 
Bowindo, I wonder?). The six tracks follow each other without a break, from the 
cavernous slightly disturbing percussive rattles of the two opening tracks to the 
strange atmospherics of "44°25'37N 12°34'28 E" (that had me looking for a 
Fennesz connection, but a Google search for the precise co-ordinates only got 
me as far as an Italian astrology website, but I think it's somewhere in or near 
Genoa.. maybe someone will enlighten me) to the distant police cars and 
barking dogs in "From Belleville to Ravenna" and the exquisite chill of the 
closing "Hagakure (II, 105)". Wherever and whatever it is, A Constant Migration 
is worth checking out."  
(Dan Warburton - Paris Transatlantic)

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Format CD
Country Portugal

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