Matt Shoemaker: Soundtrack For Dislocation

Matt Shoemaker: Soundtrack For Dislocation
Label: Elevator Bath
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"Matt Shoemaker's first full-length album for Elevator Bath is Soundtrack For
Dislocation, an entirely self-contained account of a fantastically abstract and
intensely personal vision.
As with much of Shoemaker's work, this is an album permeated with a very
potent sense of unease. And despite the fact that the use of field recordings
is very minimal here, there is a no less organically tangible quality which
only contributes to the feeling of disquietude.
For those unfamiliar with Matt Shoemaker's work, Soundtrack For
Dislocation is absolutely the ideal place to start as it is arguably the most
fully-realized project in his catalog. All the necessary elements are present:
The enigmatic cover and interior images, the cryptic track titles, and of course
the recordings themselves - densely packed and elaborately evolved 
aberrancies. Shoemaker seems to have provided more than enough clues
to the puzzles he offers in his works but, like the most effective tales, these
subtle indications cannot quite account for all that happens. The rest is up to
the astute listener who accepts this very inscrutability as the reward.
Matt Shoemaker's music has been released by such labels as Trente
Oiseaux, The Helen Scarsdale Agency, Mystery Sea, and Ferns
Recordings. (Elevator Bath)
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Format CD
Country USA

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