John Grzinich: Two Films

John Grzinich: Two Films
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and/OAR, Maaheli Editions and Paleosol Edition are extremely pleased to 
present two films by sound artist John Grzinich: Sound Aspects Of Material
& Mimema which features cameo appearances by Patrick
McGinley (aka Murmer), HItoshi Kojo (aka Spiracle), Eamon Sprod (aka
Tarab), Jim Haynes, Toomas Thetloff, Maksims Shentelevs, Kaspars
Kalninsh, Evelyn Muursepp, Mari Jõgiste, Vivian Bohl and Pärt Ojamaa.

Technical note: Some hardware and software playback systems may need
to be adjusted to properly display the 16:9 (widescreen) aspect ratio of this
DVD. To do this, go to the options menu for your TV monitor and DVD player.

John Grzinich - Two Films: Screenshot



Sound Aspects Of Material Elements

Black & White, 57 minutes HD, 16:9 Aspect Ratio
Concept, sound, camera, editing: John Grzinich
Equipment and support: MoKS - Center for Art and Social Practice,
Mooste, Estonia.

Collaborative recordings made with: Patrick McGinley, Jim Haynes,
Toomas Thetlof, Maksims Shentelevs, Kaspars Kalninsh, Eamon Sprod,
Hitoshi Kojo, and Evelyn Müürsepp.

Sound Aspects of Material Elements is a the film that shows a specific
approach to the artistic use of sound, covering a 3 year period (2006-2009)
of the author's personal research and collaborations with a number of 
close colleagues. What we hear and see reveals how much our ability to
listen with a creative ear, helps us re- interpret and build new relations to
what surrounds us. Using sound as the primary signifier. The film
documents in-situ processes of exploration and sonification of the
landscape along with various material, objects and structures found there.
All the sounds captured formed the basis for each shot emphasizing how
the combinations of certain materials (metal, wood, glass) along with
natural elements (water, wind fire), transforms our perception of even the
most common everyday places or situations.

John Grzinich - Two Films: Screenshot




Color, 24:38 minutes, HD 16:9 Aspect Ratio
Concept, sound, camera, editing: John Grzinich
Equipment and support: MoKS - Center for Art and Social Practice,
Mooste, Estonia.

Mimema is a meditation on states of liminality, of being in stasis, drifting
in-between above and below, night and day, inside and out. Mimema
started out as a sound composition and grew into a series of images that
reflected my desire to invert the world around me by capturing the 'real' and
making it 'imaginary', Much like a mirror that reflects the shifting states of 
human cognition we encounter moment to moment. Mimema is the blur
between what we sense and what we construct as understanding,
appearing as much a body as a fluid or boundary as a state of dissolution.

More information and video excerpts can be found here.

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