Christian Renou: Fragments And Articulations

Christian Renou: Fragments And Articulations
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French sound artist Christian Renou is perhaps better known as Brume.

Fragments and Articulations #1
A short, isolated sequence, taken from a drum part of an URIA performance from 1982, was used as the basic sound source which was then processed with a computer.
Final recording, may 2002.

Fragments and Articulations #2
A field recording (Riva-Bella, 1997) has been reinjected into an old computer with a damaged CYRIX processor which decomposed the sound into something much better.
Final recording, april 2002.

Fragments and Articulations #3
Very dirty frequencies, generated by a home-made Galene receiver were used as the basic sound source and then processed by computer.
Final recording, june 2002.

Total playing time: 63:38.

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