Hall Of Mirrors: Forgotten Realm

Hall Of Mirrors: Forgotten Realm
Label: Silentes
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Giuseppe Verticchio: guitar, synthesizer, khlui, didgeridoo, voice & samples
Andrea Freschi: field recordings, guitar, synthesizer & treatments
Andrea Ferraris: guitar, samples & effects
Andrea Marutti: synthesizer, turntables & treatments

Track List:
1. The Crossing  17:55     
2. Gates Of Namathur  13:50
3. Decadent Splendour  12:53
4. Among The Ruins  12:05
5. The Fortress

"Second 'chapter' in the Hall Of Mirrors saga, a project that hides the
fervid minds of Giuseppe Verticchio (Nimh) and Andrea Marutti (Amon).
On this release they’re supported by Andrea Freschi (Subinterior, Konau...)
and Andrea Ferraris (Ur, Sil Muir…), who gave their contributions with
additional sound sources. Another long and fascinating journey among the
ruins of lost and ancient civilizations, among desolate landscapes 'forgotten
by time'… To enrich the already busy electronic stratifications, among
slowly evolving ambient sonorities and occasional parts of more sharp and
'rough' elements of a post-Industrial nature, we also find suggestive sound
of reverberating flutes and dilated electric guitar parts, ending with delicate
melodic arpeggios and evocative rhythmic accents of a vague cinematic
taste. The adventure goes on...
"  (Silentes)

Release Info
Format CD
Country Italy

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