Yannick Franck & Pietro Riparbelli: Whinny Muir

Yannick Franck & Pietro Riparbelli: Whinny Muir
Label: Silentes
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"This work was created using short wave radio signals, feedback, voice,
arious effects and filters as well as different works of the Italian Baroque
composer Alessandro Scarlatti as central sound source. Scarlatti
(1660-1725) is especially famous for his operas and chamber cantatas and
is considered the founder of the "Italian overture" form.

A single, long, deeply moving, slow and expanded drone-track, built on
everchanging sonic masses, low frequencies, strong electric/electronic
sounds, field recordings, feedbacks, buzzes, hisses, rough distortions,
sunken organ chords, subdued inserts of strings orchestral parts.
Alternation of progressive crescendos, ambiental stasis, sudden, dramatic
and catching dynamic shocks... An involving and extraordinary "trip" across
an obscure sonic path, convincingly assembled in collaborative form by
Italian Pietro Riparbelli (K11, PT-R) and belgian Yannick Franck
(Y.E.R.M.O., Idiosyncrasia).

The title of this album refers to the Lyke-Wake Dirge, a 14th-century English
funeral chant from north Yorkshire (which chorus is sung by Yannick Franck
on the last part). It is a warning about the lack of empathy and generosity and
their repercussions within the travel of the soul on its way to heaven."

"La foi consiste à ne jamais renier dans les ténèbres ce qu'on a entrevu
dans la lumière." Gustave Thibon

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Country Italy

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