Steinbrüchel & Cory Allen: Seam

Steinbrüchel & Cory Allen: Seam
Label: Quiet Design
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Fourteen months and countless folders of audio files later, Steinbrüchel and
Cory Allen offer their first collaborative album entitled «Seam». An intensive
and process driven work period resulted in an album that integrates the two
artist's individual soundworlds. Each sound was processed and multiplied
by both artists, forming a sound archive of individual threads. The
compositions were then sewn and stitched together using the collection of
the archive. Connecting each composition is an inbetween thread which
weaves the album's tracks together.
The «- -- - --» audio process was extended into the design and production
of the physical packaging. The cover design is based on a system which
reflects the track order and the artists' contributions to the creation of the
compositions. Each of the 400 limited edition CD packagings were offset

printed and machine stitched in Switzerland.

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Format CD
Country USA

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