Seattle Phonographers Union: Building 27 WNP-5

Seattle Phonographers Union: Building 27 WNP-5
Label: Prefecture Music
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The first vinyl LP of the Seattle Phonographers Union.
Live group improvisations with unprocessed field recordings inside a
decommissioned aircraft hangar and a never-completed nuclear plant
cooling tower. A unique release for the SPU, not only because it's a vinyl
record, but the end result of the recordings feels more like so-called
"Kosmische Musik" or early industrial music due in large part to the
acoustic properties of the locations where the performances took place.

“On this LP, the SPU improvises inside Building 27 and WNP-5; these two
remarkable acoustic environments not only transformed our field recordings,
but guided these live, unedited improvisations. A decommissioned aircraft
hangar at the former Sand Point Naval Air Station, Building 27 melds our
sounds with audience footsteps and murmuring, along with, in quieter
moments, birds, and nearby water. The unusual skittering slapback echo
heard in WNP-5, part of an unfinished nuclear power station, results from
gradually narrowing walls and tile-like surfaces inside the cooling tower;
sound spirals upwards to the sky.”  (Christopher DeLaurenti)

Performers include Perri Howard ( Lynch), Steve Peters, Toby Paddock,
Doug Haire, Jonathan Way, Dale Loyd, Pete Comley, Christopher DeLaurenti
and Steve Barsotti.

Release Info
Format Vinyl LP
Country USA

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