Jason Kahn & Asher: Vista

Jason Kahn & Asher: Vista
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The work on Vista began in the summer of 2006 with recordings made by Asher in 
the Back Bay neighborhood of Boston. Walking through the alleys and side streets 
he recorded the various mechanical rooms, generators, ventilation systems and 
idling motors which were to be found there. These recordings were processed and 
sent to Kahn.
Later that fall, Kahn sent Asher several pre-dawn recordings he had made on the 
shores of Zürich Lake. Asher processed these in keeping with the methods he had 
used with his own location recordings so as to create continuity among the 
amassing material. Unprocessed wind recordings made by Kahn in the Swiss Alps 
in the summer of 2007 comprised the final batch of material used on Vista. Asher 
and Kahn spent the remainder of that year working on a final mix. Addressing the 
idea of hearing and seeing out and beyond spatial planes, title Vista references 
both the aural expanses of Asher's home on a hill in the town of Somerville and 
Kahn's trips to the Alps and Zürich Lake.
In processing and mixing the discrete details of a landscape, we hear them from a 
real physical distance. Through the incidental combinations of processed local 
sounds and sound materials which are entirely foreign to us, an imaginative aural 
view is created which obscures any relationship to a documentary account of the 
original locations recorded for Vista.
Jason Kahn is a sound and visual artist based in Zürich. His work includes sound 
installation, performance and composition. He was born in New York, grew up in 
Los Angeles and relocated to Europe in 1990. Kahn has given concerts and 
exhibited his sound installations throughout Europe, North and South and 
America, Japan, Mexico, Korea, Israel, Turkey, Russia, Lebanon, Egypt, Hong 
Kong, New Zealand and Australia. Kahn's work has been published by many other 
labels such as his own imprint Cut , For4Ears, Sirr, Crouton, Korm Plastics, 
Creative Sources, Longbox Recordings, 1.8 sec records, Chloë and ATAK among 
Asher (Thal-Nir) is still a relatively new sound artist living and working in 
Somerville, Massachusetts who has already garnered quite a bit of acclaim in just 
a few short years for his work using old cassette tapes and field recordings. He also 
uses processed acoustic and electronic instruments. His work has been published 
online by 12k / term, Con-v, Laboratoire Moderne (EARlabs), and Homophoni, and 
on CDR and DVDR by Con-v, Leerraum,  Conv, Winds Measure Recordings, 
Mystery Sea, The Land Of, among others.
For full effect, turn up the volume and do nothing else but listen.
You may very well find that this is ALL you will be able to do anyway...  
Despite the cover images on the packaging, driving while under the influence of 
this CD should be done with caution. This CD may induce a "thousand-yard stare" 
(a long, unfocused gaze), instances of "missing time", or audio hallucinations that 
could cause disorientation in the listener.
Bottom line: friends don't let friends drive under the influence of Vista.
This CD is for recreational use only. ENJOY.
Visit info page on website.
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