Goh Lee Kwang: The Lost Testament Of Rashomon

Goh Lee Kwang: The Lost Testament Of Rashomon
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Not knowing much else about this work, it appears to be a soundtrack 
created for a Butoh theater performance that took place as part of Nyoba Kan
Buto Fest 2010  in Malaysia. The work itself feels like it may have been
recorded live using simple analog electronic equipment to create a range of
atmospheric, oblique and dramatic moods. Certain moments remind me of
Toru Takemitsu's electronic soundtrack work during the early 1960s for films
like The Face Of Another; other times I'm reminded of the loop-based work
of Aube. Perhaps Goh should compose for theater (or film) more often
because I think this is among his best work. (DL - and/OAR)
Choreographed by Yukio Waguri & Lee Swee Keong
Original composition & sound by Goh Lee Kwang.
Track List:
1. Rain
2. The Spirit Of Rashomon
3. Masago - Extorting A Confession
4. The Witches
5. The Hair Stealer
6. The Judge
7. Rashomon Struck By Lighting
Release Info
Format CD
Country Malaysia

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