Akio Suzuki: gelbe MUSIK editions 1999-2000

Akio Suzuki: gelbe MUSIK editions 1999-2000
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gelbe MUSIK editions 1999 - 2000 is a double CD re-issue of three
extremely rare and highly sought-after CDRs only made available during
exhibitions curated by gelbe MUSIK in Germany. Because it has since been
discovered that one of the discs was given a title based on a mistaken
performance date (’75.6.30) and another was copied from an incorrect audio
master (Tanabata), in addition to the CDRs starting to become unplayable
due to age, this has made a CD re-issue all the more imperative. The three
gelbe MUSIK releases featured as part of this double CD re-issue are the

- Akio Suzuki: ’75.6.30  (Discogs link)
- Akio Suzuki: Suzuki-Type Glass Harmonica "De Koolmees"  (Discogs link)
- Akio Suzuki: Tanabata  (Discogs link)

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Format CD x 2
Country USA

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