Seattle Phonographers Union: Seattle Phonographers Union

Seattle Phonographers Union: Seattle Phonographers Union
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A Mimeomeme release in cooperation with and/OAR.

"The Seattle Phonographers Union convene to explore the ways in which we 
recognize, differentiate, map, and navigate our sonic environment. Our intent is to 
move beyond habitual experience of sound and uncover what is foreign in the 
familiar and familiar about the foreign; to explore what we hear and relearn what 
we know. Some sounds will be familiar, others less so. Both novel and familiar 
sounds will be juxtaposed in ways unique to each event. Our intent is to 
investigate and enrich both our intuitive and analytical relationship with sound. 
The goal is not to excite, confuse or entertain per se, but to attend to the world, 
which is much more detailed and diverse than any one person's perception of it."  
(from program notes written by Yitzchak Dumiel for the very first SPU performance 
in 2002)
As has always been the case with this particular Phonographers Union group (there 
are several in located in other cities in the US and UK), no processing is used 
during the performances, so what you hear are straight-up field recordings mixed 
within live improvised settings. This release encapsulates some of the finest 
performances over the span of four years from 2004 to 2008. Longtime followers of 
and/OAR's catalog and history (e.g. the compilations produced for will be familiar with names of most of the members of SPU 
featured throughout this release:
- Steve Barsotti
- Peter Comley
- Christopher DeLaurenti
- Katie Gately
- Mark Griswold
- Doug Haire
- Susie Kozawa (also of Aono Jikken Ensemble)
- Dale Lloyd
- Perri Lynch
- Robert Millis  (also of Climax Golden Twins)
- Toby Paddock
- Heather Perkins
- Steve Peters
- Jonathan Way
Track Listing:
1. Sonarchy: March 17, 2007
2. Chapel Performance Space: February 29, 2008
3. Contemporary Crafts Gallery: September 16, 2004
4. Hollow Earth Radio: September 8, 2008
5. Decibel Festival: May 24, 2007

More information, reviews and sound samples can be found here.

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