Lasse Marc Riek: Harbour

Lasse Marc Riek: Harbour
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Unprocessed Field Recordings made from1999 to 2007 in Germany and
Finland. Various gangways, tunnels, bridges, ships, boats, ferries, floating
docks and coastal birds.
"Somewhere between 1999 and 2007 Lasse-Marc Riek recorded sounds
in harbors: Finland's Bjorkoby and Ostero and in Germany in Wismar and
Hamburg. Presented here as seven individual pieces of sound.
Unprocessed field recordings. Thirty-two minutes in total. As much as I
dislike sailing, I like the sound of harbors, the smell of the sea, the wind.
With today's summer rain and wind I could close my eyes and imagine to
be in a harbour - at least for thirty two minutes. Riek, also the owner of the
Gruenrekorder label, recorded some excellent sounds in these various
harbors. Rusty metal, moved by the irregularities of the sea, seagulls, and
objects moved by water (like rubber objects, tires or some such)  and
curiously also a steam engine. Each piece is kept short and to the point, a 
precise edit out of a larger reality. Almost song like in structure. If pure, 
unprocessed field recordings are your cup of tea, then this release by
Lasse-Marc Riek is an excellent example of what it is. If you are new to the
genre, this is a great way to step inside."  (Frans de Waard - Vital Weekly)
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