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Amon & Nimh: Sator
Used item. Everything like new   ...(continued)
Amon: The Legacy
Used item. The CD is in "like new" condition. The packaging is in "very good" condition. Tracklist: 1. Sandstones  11:34      2. The Legacy I: Enter Darkness  12:36      3. The Legacy II: Machinery  9:53      4. The Legacy II ...(continued)
Atsuhiro Ito: R.G.B.
Used item. Signed by the artist and numbered. All elements are intact and eveything is still in "like new" condition. This is a rare and very early release (1999) by Edition Omega Point. Signed and numbered limited edition boxed set of 100 copies. Contains 1 disc, 1 signed insert and ac ...(continued)
Brendan Murray: Wonders Never Cease
Used item. Apart from mild wear on jewel case, everything else is like new. Mastered by Keith Fullerton Whitman. Most of the pieces are based on live recordings made at 51 3rd St. (Troy, NY), Oni Gallery (Boston, MA), and Massachusetts College of Art (Boston, MA). Recording assistance b ...(continued)
Christian Renou: Fragments And Articulations
Used item. Everything in "like new" condition. French sound artist Christian Renou is perhaps better known as Brume. Fragments and Articulations #1 A short, isolated sequence, taken from a drum part of an URIA performance from 1982, was used as the basic sound source which was then proc ...(continued)
Christof Migone: Crackers
Used item. Everything in "Like New" condition. ...(continued)
Christopher Willits: Folding, And The Tea
Used item. Everything like new. ...(continued)
Climax Golden Twins: Session 9
Used item. Some light brush marks on the otherwise still new looking original jewel case, but everything else is in perfect condition. This is not a hole-punched promo. This is a regular copy in great condition, which is hard-to-find. and others are currently selling inferior CDR ...(continued)
Ellende: Natto
Used item. Everything in "like new" condition.   ...(continued)
Fibrillation: My Axis Is Undone
Used item. Everything is in "Like New" condition. ...(continued)
Gareth Mitchell: August; Snow; Pieces
Used Item. Everything in "Like New" condition. Comes in oversized round packaging that folds out 3 times and has art on all 6 faces. Limited edition of 141 hand numbered copies ...(continued)
Herbert Eimert: Epitaph Für Aikichi Kuboyama / Sechs Studien
Used item. Includes booklet. LP sleeve is closer to VG++ or NM- mostly due to small wear on upper right side corner, plus tiny wear spots along top edge. All in all, a great copy. Tracklist: A1. Epitaph Für Aikichi Kuboyama B1. - B6. Sechs Studien Herbert Eimert (1897-1972) was a ...(continued)
James Wyness: Stultifera Navis
Used item. Played twice. Everything in "like new" condition. Scottish ponds, Iberian geophonies, mountaintop chapels and transmission masts, metal factory, hand bells, metal drinking vessels. "The title translates as The Ship of Fools, discussed at length in Michel Foucault’s Folie et ...(continued)
Jodi Cave: For Myria
Used item. Everything in "like new" condition.   ...(continued)
Kamran Sadeghi: Through Thickness
Used item. In "like new" condition.   ...(continued)
Kinetix: Absolute Grey
Used item. Everything is like new.   ...(continued)
Martin Siewert & Martin Brandlmayr: Too Beautiful To Burn
Used item.  In "like new" condition. Martin Siewert: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, lap steel guitar, electronics and synthesizer Martin Brandlmayr: drums, percussion and vibraphone ...(continued)
Mikael Stavöstrand: De|gene|ra|ton
Used item. Everything in "Like New" condition.   ...(continued)
Mountains: Sewn
Used item. Everything is in "like new" condition. Brendon Anderegg & Koen Holtkamp: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, accordion, synthesizer, harmonica, bells, field recordings], electronics, computer and other objects. ...(continued)
NOL (No Output Laptops): L'Art De Tromper La Nature
Used item. Everything is like new. Eric Cordier: electro-magnetic pick-ups, laptop computers & processing. Franck Fromy: the conception and building of the electro-magnetic pick-ups. ...(continued)
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