Delivery Information

Please note: Due to drastic increases with international First Class USPS
postage (as of January of 2013), the shipping charges for parcels sent
outside the United States have also changed:

USA: Postage is still included in the price of each item.
All other countries: Postage will be added during check out.

To quickly calculate your shipping cost , click on "View Cart" at the top of
the page and then click on "Estimate Shipping And Taxes". Once you enter
your region info, the system will calculate the shipping cost.

Orders normally ship the same day they were placed or the next business day
If there is a delay with shipping your order, you will be notified as soon as 
possible. Depending on where you are located in the world, it could take
anywhere from one day to one week for your order to arrive. If it takes longer
than one week, then there might be a problem with your customs office. If you
haven't received your order after two weeks, please contact your post office or
customs office to see if it is being held for some reason.

Shopping Cart Warning Messages:
If you encounter the following message during the checkout process:
" ( ! ) Warning: Shipping method required ! ", you will need to set the
shipping method before checking out. To do this:

1. Go to the top of the web page and click the drop-down arrow next to the
     words "Shopping Cart".
2. Click on "view cart".
3. Select  "Estimate Shipping & Taxes".
4. Select your country, region and postal code.
5. Click "Continue Shopping" or "Checkout".

"No Shipping for your Country"
When completing your purchase, if you are advised that there is  'no shipping
for your country', please contact us about this and mention your location.
Sometimes a program error can cause this to happen, but there are very few
locations in the world that and/OAR will not ship orders to without prior

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