1. Le Sonneur  10:53
Apparizian B  5:34
Q-space  9:26

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Vincent Paillard is a French improviser and composer. The music
presented on this release is recorded live with no over-dubbing or
computer processing involved.

Vincent started playing the piano at an early age, then later studied at the
Conservatoire de Fougères, les Urbanistes for 6 years. It was sometime
after that, Vincent taught himself to play guitar and electric bass; followed
by studies at the Conservatoire Jazz de Toulouse.

Vincent has performed with dancers, and other performers such as Heddy
Boubaker, Mathias Pontevia, Nusch Werchowska, Jessica Constable, Olivier
Mellano, Régis Boulard  Arrington de Dionyso, Naoto Yamagishi, and
Arnaud Debreu (in a duo known as Bruyne).
catalog number: either.p33
title: untitled
format: MP3
status: available