1. frozen time  (54:01).

Download FLAC version (304 MB). The FLAC version may render
certain frequencies inherent in the piece better than an MP3.

"Frozen Time" shows a different side of Gintas K than his
previous efforts. It's essentially, a stasis study that increasingly
reveals subtle changes over the course of time.

"It is not right to say that I created this piece. More right to say
that I manipulated software, listened and then let it generate
itself. Sometimes pressing some chords on a midi keyboard,
then letting it play as background tapestry in my room while I
sat and talked with a friend. Eventually I noticed that we
listened to the sounds
more and more. Even my 4 month old
daughter became quiet and seemed to listen carefully."  
(Gintas K)

Gintas K is a Lithuanian sound artist who was a core member of
the first Lithuanian industrial music group called Modus.
Performances, actions and short films shaped the activities of
Modus. Later Gintas became active as a solo performer and
disciplinary artist. Gintas has had works published by labels
such as Cronica, Conv, Percepts, Retinascan, and Room40.
catalog number: moar.p33
artist: GINTAS K
title: Frozen Time
format: MP3
status: not available