The æ recording label (1994-1999)
AE1 - LUCID - Baby Labyrinthian  1994
AE2 - AFTER THE FLOOD - After The Flood  1995
AE3 - LUCID - Idylls And The Secret Remain  1996
AE4 - PRAM - Music For Your Movies  1996
AE5 - PRAM - Gash  1997
AEP6 - AFTER THE FLOOD 2 (promotional version: single CD)  1998
AE6 - AFTER THE FLOOD 2 (double CD)  1998

"AE" or
æ was an independent recording label founded by Clark Von Trotha and Dale
Lloyd in 1993, which informally came to an end in 1999. It was commonly mistaken that the
name of the label was "Aeterna" due to the word appearing next to the publishing
information on each release, when in fact "Aeterna" was only the name of the publishing
company that Clark and Dale formed for the intellectual property rights of the recorded
work on each release. From 1997 - 1999, AE received financial support from CZ Records
and World Domination.
l i n k s
f o r u m
c o n t a c t
m a i n