This is Lucid's third release. Overall, a more spacious and ambient release than the previous efforts.
While the feel may, at times, seem somewhat somber, it also continues to display Lucid's subtle
sense of humor; for example, there is a  mini trilogy entitled "Still, He Waits.." which is in reference to
group member Stuart Arentzen's (now deceased)  cat, Orpheus, who has been known to sit vigilant
with steely resolve, by his (empty) food dish for quite a long time, all the while keeping his gaze fixed
on his human companion and kibble source, "Stuie".  Aurora Sunder seems to cinematically play out
a child's vivid dream world, from the hypnogogic awakening of "The Invisible Bright" to the early
morning post sleep ponderings of "Green Blood Wakes"; and then concluding with more thoughts
invoked by the previous night's dream ("Three Shades Of Day") to a revelation that perhaps the
previous night's dream was not a chimera after all ("Clarion").
"The most ethereal release by Lucid. And maybe my favorite (until next one?). Each track seems to be
a different part of one long dream. It's amazing to see that although the album is quite varied (so many
moods!) it nonetheless flows very naturally; it has a real continuity.

Another important quality is without a doubt, the originality (as always with Lucid). I can't think of any
other album that sounds like Aurora Sunder. From the dreamy 'Luminous' to the moody 'Clarion',
there's a whole world of poetry. The voices of Rebecca Bird and Mishka are unique and definately
add a 'je ne sais quoi' (mystery?) to Lucid.

What's more, there's an inherent sense of humor to this release: the Mark Taylor-Canfield (or should I
say Canfield-Taylor?  :-))  joke is hilarious. It's also the proof that Lucid can cover indefinate sonic
territories: from melancholy to pure fun.

Then one could wonder how to describe Aurora Sunder; is it ambient, classical, avant garde, or
electroacoustic? who is Lucid, it is beautiful and it fills me with joy..."
catalog number: OAR2
artist: LUCID
title: Aurora Sunder
format: CDR
status: out of print
l i n k s
f o r u m
c o n t a c t
m a i n